If you would like your may ball to appear on our website, please drop us an email at team@whichmayball.co.uk.

If you are running a garden party and would like it to appear here, follow this link.


Picture of George

David Roper

PhD student back in Fitz after two years abroad in Toronto. In charge of the business and non-technical side for Which May Ball.


Picture of Seb

Sebastian Borgeaud

Fourth year computer scientist studying at Fitzwilliam College. In charge of the technical sides for Which May Ball.


Picture of James

James McAulay

Founder of WhichMayBall and graduate of the Computer Science course. Spends his time playing the cello, cycling, obsessing over various projects and writing about himself in the third person.



After waking up one morning to a complicated message thread between friends on the topic of which May Ball to attend in 2013, James was struck with the idea of creating a simple table containing details of every May Ball in an easy-to-read format. A few hours later, WhichMayBall was born and released into the world, and its features continue to grow as quickly as James and his team can develop them.


"Why hasn't this been done before now?"

"This is so useful!"

"Dammit, why didn't I think of this first?"